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Louvre Jacket

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The houndstooth print is, no doubt, a timeless classic. While fashion trends come and go, houndstooth outerwear never seems to go out of style. If your wardrobe lacks the houndstooth pattern, it is all the more reason for you to grab our Louvre Jacket today.

Nothing beats the sophisticated elegance of a houndstooth number like this. Want houndstooth outerwear looks elegant and timeless, pairs well with various items, and has a feminine charm? Our Louvre Jacket is just what you need as it ticks all the boxes.

Talking about the jacket's look, the black and white houndstooth print is one of the most stylish patterns ever. But although you can find it on everything from dresses to co-ords, the houndstooth pattern looks its best on outerwear.

And to make it even better, the Louvre Jacket is not just any regular houndstooth blazer. Firstly, it features a giant houndstooth print, which is usually uncommon. But the best part about Louvre is its attention to detail. It has a furry flap border with pearls all across. Pair it with your pearl jewelry set to match the pearl detailing of your jacket.

Black and White.

Drawings on the knitting weft. 

Details with pearls. 

Ribbed knit fabric.

Made in Brazil.

Color: Black and White

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