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Pati - Pantacourt Knit Fabric Pants


Pati pantacourt pants are a combination of comfort and chic. Featuring a wide-leg design, these pair of pants create a billowing-out effect. They're the epitome of comfort, style, and grace, featuring a classic style that cinches at the waist and ends a little above the ankles.

These pants are a classic choice for your summer fashion and look incredibly attractive with cropped tops. You can even style these for your winter events with a pair of stiletto-heeled boots and jackets over your tops.

This article is an ideal pant pair to own for those who love accentuating the waist and flaunting a slim torso. With the layered detailing and its perfect accompaniment with silk button-downs to tuck-in tops, this is the pair of pants that goes with it all.

 Pantacourt pants.

Ribbed fabric.

Elasticized waist.

Made in brazil


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